Friday, 25 June 2010

Hello to all who follow this site. I apologised last time for having left any update so long. I have to do so again. However, a great deal has happened in the meantime. This year is the 20th anniversary of the arrival of our first school and we have celebrated by having a Royal visit and a concert in the Cathedral. Both events were a success and we were particularly grateful for the help of Groes, Hawthorn,Parklands, Newton, Lakeside and Thornhill schools who brought children to perform with local children in the concert. Barbara and all the girls in the Kitchen provided a picnic for all 150 performers.We have some photos of both events. I include a photo here but will get the relevant ones next time!!!. Hope to hear from you all soon. Mike

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Treginnis update

Hello everyone! It seems a long time since I blogged last! I am not very IT proficient so I MUST PRACTICE!!!Perhaps I should get one of our animals to do it like the lovely Boris the Wick court Boar. Would I be called a copycat?
We have a lovely addition to our animals, a Fallabella foal called Tinker. I bet she would be able to write a Blogg each month. She is very happy to be at Treginnis and has a special friend in Passy.
We were all very sad when Dandy died three weeks ago. He was doing so well at 38 but had a tummy upset and it was too much for him. Tinker and her friends all miss the'' boss'' and are not clear who will take over.
The piglets are getting fat and will soon be going for meat, we also have three goat kids who are ready. We are planning a 20th Anniversary concert and Exhibition. Any of you who have photos or would like to do a drawing, painting, poem etc please do send them to me. I would be thrilled if we could have photos of old Treginnis Farmers in what could be a where are they now display. I will include photos of Tinker next time. Please contact us. Mike.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Our first early potatoes of 2009

Hello all the Treginnis Farmers,
We have harvested our first new potatoes of the year. They were first eaten on Sunday with the Sunday Roast, having been dug up, washed and prepared by the children of Our Lady of Devon School from Barnstaple. All the reports from the children are good and one boy could even detect that the potatoes had been cooked with a piece of mint in the water. As you see these potatoes vary in size but are all delicious. We cook them for 8 minutes and we will also be having them today with our gammon for dinner.

Best wishes to all of you. Let us know about your vegetables.


Friday, 22 May 2009

Hello everyone. This is my first ever Blogg attempt!We have just come to the whit holiday break and the weather is just as you would expect for a Bank Holiday. The rain will be good for the potatoes, strawberries and other veg, but is miserable al the same. Best wishes Mike.